Blessed by Beauty 2/14/13

We are truly BLESSED by our other way to say it.

  Everyday we enter our design studio and are steeped in all things of visual beauty. Every inch of our studio and I do mean every inch of our workspace is brimming with saturated color, fashion inspiration and breathtaking textiles. It's not everyday that a person walks into work and is immediately greeted with such daily visual eye candy. We are thankful for our jobs, be around us often and you will hear this time and time again.

Beauty is everywhere. This world we live in is a veritable feast of color and inspiration. We see this so much so when we look at fashion. It would be safe to say Cecilia and I are pretty obsessed with the visual beauty of the fashion industry. We are continually interpreting the beauty of couture clothing within the palettes of our furniture collection. To us, the beauty lies in the fabrics. We spend months developing our fabrics, picking color yarns, designing embroideries and silks in order to encapsulate the complete look of each fashion inspiration.

I'm an avid lover of Alexander McQueen's fashion. Straight drama in every piece of clothing. This last season we did several furniture groups giving a proper nod to one of our favorite fashion icons.